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Who Should Attend a Home Inspection

Home InspectionThe home inspection should have present the both Listing an Selling agent and both the Buyer and Seller.  Inspection results are sometimes opinions and not a clear cut finding. The time to discuss it is during inspections – not after the fact. However, this is not typically the case. Instead the home inspection is done by the home inspector and the buyer and seller rely on the inspectors report to negotiate further terms before the sale of the home proceeds.

Why The Seller Should Attend the Home Inspection.

Often home inspectors will have questions that theSeller could easily answer and save everyone a lot of time. Also the home Seller will hear from the inspector what would be an acceptable repair to a condition.

Why The Buyer Should Attend the Home Inspection.

Home Buyers should be present to hear the findings of a home inspection. Not only will home inspectors call out what is in need of repair, they will offer advice as to what should be budgeted for, or how best to maintain or extend the life of a component. To read inspection results on a written report may seem shocking, while hearing it from the inspector’s mouth is much more informative.

How to Prepare for the Home Inspection.

Home Sellers should prepare for a home inspection by making sure there is ACCESS to all furnaces, electrical outlets and attic space. At a recent home inspection, I had to move half the clothes out of a closet in order for the inspector to access a furnace. I moved boxes placed in front of electrical outlets also. Often we will find boxes stacked so high in the garage that there is no access to a hot water heater or the attic.

It is not legal or proper for a home inspector to move items to inspect what the Buyer paid them to inspect – that is clearly the home Seller’s responsibility. An inspector’s time is as valuable as yours, so don’t be the cause of a 2nd trip to the property.

All Buyers want their new home to be as worry-free as possible when they move in, regardless of the age of the home. Realtors, Sellers, Buyers and Inspectors work together to make that happen on a budget and in a time frame with which everyone can accommodate.

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