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Curb Appeal Can Help Sell Your Home

Curb Appeal SellsNever underestimate the impact of curb appeal when selling your home.  When it comes to selling your home, curb appeal refers to the “first impression” that your house gives when a buyer approaches it from the driveway or the street.

How does your home look to a potential buyer from the outside? Does your house look attractive and inviting, or does it appear to be rundown a preview of what to expect on the inside of the home as well?

First impressions are important and even if the inside of the home is perfect, curb appeal can affect a buyer’s perception.

If you are trying to sell your property, you have probably mowed the front lawn and even planted flowers, replaced dying cactus, fixed the irrigation system in order to improve your curb appeal. However don’t overlook….

Common Curb Appeal Mistakes


Please No Lawn Statues or Lawn Ornaments

You might think that your little Garden Gnome is just so cute, but your potential buyers don’t necessarily have the same taste and you might want to hide them away for a while when your home goes on the market.

Dark Pathways

Your potential buyers might want to visit your home in the evening, so make sure you invest in some outdoor lighting to guide their way to your front door. The Desert skies ordinances against lighting in some North Scottsdale communities can make for poorly lit front walkways.  You will not make a good first impression if your potential buyer is missing their step while navigating your flagstone pathway at night with no light to guide the way.

Dying Flowers & Cacti

Adding flowers and desert landscaping to your front yard can improve your curb appeal, until the seasons change and they begin to go brown and whither. Do your best to keep up with the garden maintenance throughout the year so that everything still looks fresh.

Children’s Toys

If you have little ones, your yard is probably filled with discarded Frisbees, tricycles, skipping ropes, sidewalk chalk and other toys. Before showing your home, make sure that all of these are tidied away.

Your potential buyers might not have children and might not be fond of them, so they want to be able to see what the backyard will look like when it is not covered in brightly colored plastic.

These are just a few of the curb appeal mistakes to avoid, so that your home looks as appealing as possible.

Home staging is not just for the inside of the home, begin with your home’s curb appeal.

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