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Paradise Valley is exclusively zoned for single-family residential utilization. A vast majority of the Town is zoned for one-acre minimum lots, allowing one house per lot. Because multiple housing units are not permitted, there are no patio homes, condominiums, or apartments within the city limits. The majority of homes have been constructed by custom home builders. To retain the residential character of the Town, few businesses are granted licenses to operate within the city limits. Property values are consistently among the highest in the state and country.

The Town of Paradise Valley is located 9 miles northeast of downtown Phoenix. Paradise Valley lies between Phoenix and Scottsdale, with Camelback Mountain and Mummy Mountain towering above the Town. It covers approximately 16 square miles.

Paradise Valley offers a range of community facilities for its residents. For its residents’ enjoyment, the Town offers two libraries, sixteen community parks, eight theaters, two swimming pools, eight golf courses, and numerous tennis courts and playing fields. Situated on the west side of Paradise Valley are the Phoenix Mountain Preserves, including Piestewa Peak (formerly “Squaw Peak”) and the Dreamy Draw Recreational Area.

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