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What Items are Excluded in the Sale of a Home?

Chandelier-300Before you list your home you should first decide what items you want to exclude in your home for sale. Items may include a chandelier that is a family heirloom or draperies custom-made to match your bedding. Sometimes it can be special plantings such as rose bushes and irises excluded from a home for sale. You may also hear excluded items referred to as “reserved” items.

In the Arizona real estate contract, certain items are spelled out that remain with the home, including but not limited to, window treatments, light fixtures, built-in sound systems, built-in furniture, attached outside cooking units, exterior landscaping and much more. When you list your Tulsa home for sale, make sure that you understand what all transfers with the home and exclude any items that you intend to take with you.

The exclusion area of the real estate contract is also used to identify items that shall not remain with the property.  Don’t assume Sellers will remove all their junk – if you want the contents of the storage shed cleared out, spell it out in the contract.

If you are going to sell your home regardless, it’s best to go ahead and pack that heirloom chandelier and replace with something attractive before you list your  home for sale. However, if you are only going to sell if you get a specific offer, it’s fine to exclude it in your MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listing.

Also in the Arizona real estate contract is a section to write in items you would like to remain with the property at no additional cost to the Buyer. Typical inclusions are refrigerator, washer and dryer. Be careful about what you ask for in this part of the contract, as Lenders do not want to see a list of personal items. If you want to ask for the Seller’s pool table or a specific piece of furniture, write that in a Supplemental Agreement.

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